Offlod is an answer for the increasing demand for storage and parking without building any new infrastructure. Offlod is a marketplace to address the needs for short-term and long-term storage and parking. It is similar to hosting people to generate passive income but here on our platform you store goods and vehicles for renter.

Offlod is safe, secure, insured and affordable. It is in your own community and 50% cheaper than Storage Warehouses.

Through Offlod, you can choose from 1000’s of different options available in your own community for your storage and parking needs. You can even list an available garage, shed, basement, driveway, parking lot, warehouse etc. and rent it out on Offlod.

Offlod takes care of the hassle of managing the payments and provide an insurance as well for Renter and Host.

We ask all are user to upload their government approved photo ID so that we can provide a trusted and safe platform by verifying the identity of user signing up for using Offlod platform. Your information is always protected and stored on an encrypted drive on our hosting server.

Before approving a renter's storage reservation, hosts can view their profile, read what they want to store, and message them with Offlod’s the internal messaging system to get to know renters and what they’ll be storing.

As a host, you have full control over your listing and who can rent your space. If you choose to decline a Renter’s request, you should state the reason for rejection and respond promptly in professional manner.

Absolutely free. Listing your unused space on Offlod is 100% free. Offlod collects a small fee for collecting and managing the payments.

Offlod gives you recommendation based on your space description and neighborhood; however, hosts can set their own price. Offlod goal is to provide renters with affordable and cheaper option compare to traditional self-storage. It is always ideal to price your space similar to those already listed in your community or location.

Hosts must provide a bank account where payments can be automatically deposited. Your banking information is securely stored with a third-party and will not be used for any other purposes. Once a listing is reserved and approved, hosts are paid at the end of each rental month.

You must give at least 4 weeks of advance notice to renter and failure to do so, you will be charged an Eviction Fee as per the terms and conditions.

Yes, you can but make sure to indicate that the space will be shared with another renter and whether the access will also be shared or not.

When the booking request is being made by Renter; the Renter needs to provide the list of items that they want to store. As a host you will get the booking request with the list of items that will be stored.

No, the price cannot and should not be altered after the booking request has been made.

Yes, as a Renter when you make the booking request; you must provide the list of items that you want to store. You can also upload photos of items that you wish to store. Once the booking is approved and you need to add or remove the items; you must send the Host a message via platform chat message updating him/her ahead of storing the items.

Yes, absolutely. It’s very simple, you need to contact the host and let host know you would like to extent the ongoing booking. If host agrees, you need to follow the same process of booking as you did previously. You need to make sure your extended booking is done by following the same standard procedure or else the insurance on your stored items will void.

Renter must keep its email address, mailing address, phone number or other contact information up to date all the time. A change of address will not be effective unless the new address is complete and is reported via the Offlod Site. Notice of a change of Renter’s or Host’s phone numbers may be made orally or via the Offlod Site. Renter is strongly encouraged to keep Host informed of any anticipated changes that may affect the terms of storage.

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